Newbie Zone

Are you new to Ingress?

Download the game on Android and iOS.

CHOOSE the RESISTANCE (Blue) Faction.

As agents of the Resistance, we are commonly nicknamed as ‘Smurfs’ (because blue). And a newbie Resistance agent is called a ‘Smurfling’!

These lessons have very useful newbie tips (courtesy of some of our friends in Australia).

Also available on their Telegram Channel.

You can also find some game-play basics on the official YouTube Channel of Ingress.

If you want to experience the best of Ingress, get in touch with other local Resistance agents right away!

To do this, click on a player name from your app and send them a message on FACTION COMM!

Ingress is the most exciting mobile game you will ever play. It’s got something for everyone.

Exciting operations, thrilling missions, massive battles with other agents, a lot of strategic planning, solving complex puzzles, and hanging out with some of the most awesome people!

It’s time to move, agent!

Did you know Ingress has an anime too! You can check out the full episodes of Ingress: The Animation on Netflix.