Resistance India

Who are we?

We are a community of more than 1000 players across India, which is a part of a global community of players aligned with the in-game faction called the Resistance.

We network, collaborate and play with agents across the world to make some amazing Ingress Prime memories.

Fight the Shaper ingression with us!


If you need any assistance with the Ingress game or you are visiting and want to reach out for local information, do message our representative agents from your Ingress app on FACTION COMM.

BELGAVI – @SerenDipti | BENGALURU – @angelinvasion | CHENNAI – @Gobi130 | HYDERABAD – @anonymous0894 | JAIPUR – @JDH | KERALA – @ZorrooAzuL | MANGALORE – @caporegime | MUMBAI – @The0neAboveAII | @supremekai | MYSURU – @Captkmk7 | TRIPURA – @Mayur9agt | AHMEDABAD – @rajeshkumar8686 | LUCKNOW – @PirateHasan | INDORE – @SumitAqua| GOA – @aaronvianno| ORISSA – @BlueLumino

For anything else, you can also email us at or