We love meeting our fellow agents. Catch up with us at an Ingress event near you!

Wondering what kind of events are there?

Ingress has several kinds of exciting events where you get to meet other agents and play Ingress with them.

Some of these events are friendly events that encourage exploring the game and your city with friends, while others are competitive events where you can fight against the enemy faction (Enlightened).

To truly enjoy and experience Ingress, make sure you attend an event near you. Find current events at, here you can sort events by date or by distance from your location.

Below is a little intro to the kind of events you can expect to experience in India.


Anomalies are competitive events held at specific cities to play Ingress and meet other players. The event cities are selected by Niantic, and are for Ingress players of ALL levels. They last for 3 hours of official scored gameplay. Other than those 3 hours, the Resistance may conduct strategic field operations just before the anomaly, and social meetups on the night before the anomaly or after-parties at the end of it.

Registered participants receive an in-game medal at the end of the event in accordance to Niantic's ticketing rules.


This is a player organised event where you can meet other Resistance agents and have a friendly contest with your local Enlightened agents. These events allow you to level up faster with 2X APs, get more gear through a special passcode, get special gear through a restocking portal, and earn a count towards the First Saturday medal in-game.

If you’d like to organise one in your local area, register here with your Enlightened counterpart.


These are Niantic and Local Tourism Board organised events. They’re meant to explore the wonderful sights in a city. These require a fair bit of coordination from players as well. If you’re interested in organising one in your city, talk to the more experienced players in the larger region before applying for one. All participants receive an in-game medal at the end of the event.

Find the list of upcoming Ingress events here, or ask your local agents to help organize one.


Every few months Niantic organises Global Challenges that require massive worldwide coordination to achieve a goal and have your faction win. As the Resistance it's important for each and every one of us to make an effort to reach these goals.

These events often have individual medals upon completion of tasks and global rewards for achieving the faction goal. The medals are limited time and cannot be got after the event is over.


Niantic recently started individual contest events in select cities. These are competitive events on an individual level & not on a faction level. Gameplay lasts about 3 hours, and medals are awarded to agents who complete all the tasks in the event. Agent who excel at the event are given a special badge in the scanner.


Ingress has a rich story which requires you to follow it across social media, the investigation on the community, and on Operation Essex. These often lead to LIVE physical dead drops which need to be recovered in person by agents, or hackable drops which need to be hacked from specific portals only from time to time. These locations are found by decoding hidden messages in the media & messages from Ingress.

Always keep your eyes and ears open for these.


Agents in the Resistance might also organise their events. The format of the events will usually vary depending on what the organisers decide. This could be something as simple as fielding operations like "Blue Cities", elaborate field art, or even a massive Resistance contests like "Smurf The Earth".

The player-organised events will usually use Resistance-Developed tools such as "RESWue" or "The Grid" to keep track of stats & actions.