One of the greatest parts of Ingress always been the community. From the early days of Google Plus, Ingress has come a long way and has built around awesome folk like yourself.

The official community forum can be found at and is the go to place to interact with all agents as well as receive important updates from Niantic.


The Resistance is strong and grows every day. You will find your local communities already doing awesome things all over India. Most Indian communities are on WhatsApp or Telegram. We also maintain a collective presence on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. You can find these links on the footer. You can contact your local Resistance on FACTION COMM to get involved with the community.

You can also get in touch with Resistance agents from across the globe on Facebook. This is the go-to group for Resistance agents:

The Resistance keeps each other connected through specially developed tools such as "The Grid" and "One Ring". Have yourself verified by local Resistance agents so that you can start using them.

Don't forget to also subscribe to &, our other Telegram channels.